Kookaburra 2012 440 x 490mm

After the 2009 bushfires wiped out all the habitat around my home the plants in the garden that were saved became an oasis for a staggering array of birds. I started making etchings of birds from photos I was able to take while I watched them. Having now discovered I really enjoy the process of etching I continued to do more and more etchings of some of the other species I see around home and further afield.

A bird that needs no introduction, the Kookaburra is one of the most popular birds in Australia. That distinctive ‘laughing’ call is played in the background of what feels like all foreign films depicting Australia. What you may not know is that Kookaburras often live in groups and that the laugh is a way of staying intouch with their group members.

Limited edition of 10 prints available.

© John Sharp 2016