Little Owl

Little Owl 2009 330 x 430mm

After the 2009 bushfires wiped out all the habitat around my home the plants in the garden that were saved became an oasis for a staggering array of birds. I started making etchings of birds from photos I was able to take while I watched them. Having now discovered I really enjoy the process of etching I continued to do more and more etchings of some of the other species I see around home and further afield.

The little owl is a tiny bird that only weighs up to about 180 grams. I once had the pleasure of letting one land on my arm at a bird show and it was amazing how it felt like I was holding nothing. Owls are famous for their fabulous eyes, and that was something I tried to capture in this piece.

Limited edition of 10 prints available.

© John Sharp 2016