Rednecked Wallaby: ‘Michelle'

Rednecked wallaby Michelle

Rednecked Wallaby: Michelle 2013 430x400mm

In 2013 I completed my Masters in zoology. It was an immensely enjoyable period of my life and one of the main reasons for this was my study species: the Rednecked wallaby. I spent many weeks travelling to my field site in the Grampians National park and observing a group of these animals. I was able to get some really interesting results, and as time went on I became more and more familiar with each animal and learnt each ones character. Of the group that I studied there were several which were particular favorites of mine, and I began to miss them as soon as my study finished. So I decided to remember them with a series of etchings. Thanks Iris, Ceres, Diana and Michelle.

Limited edition of 10 

© John Sharp 2016