Seagull 2012 480 x 440mm

After the 2009 bushfires wiped out all the habitat around my home the plants in the garden that were saved became an oasis for a staggering array of birds. I started making etchings of birds from photos I was ablle to take while I watched them. Having now discovered I really enjoy the process of etching I continued to do more and more etchings of some of the other species I see around home and further afield.

Anyone who has been to the beach with a chip in their hand is familiar with the Seagull. They seem to be able to sense the presence of food from a mile away and are often frowned upon due to their harsh call. However, I love them, not only because they are actually pretty smart, but also because I am constantly amazed by how good they are at keeping their white feathers clean! The next time you are surrounded by seagulls  try and spot a dirty one, I bet you will struggle!

Limited edition of 10

© John Sharp 2016