Tawny Owl

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Tawny Owl 2009 340 x 430mm

After the 2009 bushfires wiped out all the habitat around my home the plants in the garden that were saved became an oasis for a staggering array of birds. I started making etchings of birds from photos I was able to take while I watched them. Having now discovered I really enjoy the process of etching I continued to do more and more etchings of some of the other species I see around home and further afield.

I think the Tawny Owl is a beautiful bird. Its' eerie nocturnal call is often heard in creepy woodlands scenes in films and it is perhaps because of this that it is a well known animal. One thing people may not know about however, is that rather than good eyesight it is its hearing that makes it able to hunt at night. It has one ear high on its head and another low which allows it to pinpoint sounds with amazing accuracy.

Limited edition of 10 prints available.

© John Sharp 2016