The Eternal Watcher

john sharp TheEternalwatcher

‘The Eternal Watcher' 2008

This was my final art piece for my year 12 art folio. I wanted to explore the magic of forests and the ancient myths of the Green Man and create my own interpretations of him. I chose to work with linocuts because the strong contrast between black and white was just what I needed to suggest a mysterious forest glade. The drawing was based on a friend's driveway and the beautiful mountain ashes around my home. The first tree on the left has the face of the green man and is watching the path- observing what mankind is doing to his forests. 

I was lucky enough to me accepted into the 2008 ‘Top Arts’ exhibition in the National Galley of Victoria. The excitment of it all played a big part in me continuing to work on my art in my spare time.

Limited edition of 20 (Now sold out)

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